White Christmas Crunch

This recipe has ruined many, many a dinner for me. White Christmas Crunch is a highly addictive, mindless-snacking black hole in which I have been very pleased to get lost in. Credit goes to cousin Sarah for bringing us the original recipe, this year we added two new components: Snyders mini “Rounds” balls (the perfect size!), and Ghirardelli Chocolate Melting Wafers. I have seized many a bag of white chocolate in a fit of impatience making this, and Ghirardelli helps me always get it right. As Mom has done in the past, you too can send your kid to their swim meet with freezer bags full of this carbo-loading snack for the whole team. (Just change out the holiday M&Ms for team colors!) -C

White Christmas Crunch

12 oz. box of Rice Chex cereal
12 oz. box of Corn Chex cereal
12 oz. box of Cheerios cereal (we use the multi-grain)
12 oz. bag of mini pretzels, such as Snyder’s mini “Rounds” balls
10 oz. mixed cocktail nuts
10 oz. can dry roasted peanuts
two 10 oz. bags of plain M&Ms (use red & green for Christmas!)

60 oz. white chocolate melting wafers, such as Ghirardelli White Vanilla Flavored Melting Wafers

Tape down a few sheets of wax paper onto the countertop, overlapping.

Melt the chocolate wafers according to the package directions. (We use the microwave tempering method. 20 seconds, stir, repeat.)

This recipe makes a LOT, so you may need to divide the ingredients among several of your largest bowls, and mix together before adding the chocolate.

Pour over the melted chocolate and toss with a pair of spatulas until each piece is coated in chocolate.

Pour out the ‘crunch’ onto the sheets of wax paper, and allow to cool and harden. It is best to make this recipe in a well-air conditioned house or during the cooler months.

When hardened, store in airtight containers. Makes a great holiday gift!

Use the smallest available pretzels. We really liked the Snyder’s “Rounds” for this recipe, because other types of mini pretzels are too large in comparison to the cereal, nuts, and candy. We also sometimes use Ghirardelli Classic White Chocolate Chips (that come in 11 oz. bags) for this recipe.
Highly addictive. Will ruin your dinner.

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