Blue Willow Kitchen’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Blue Willow Kitchen is not compensated by any companies or retailers listed in its blog posts. Links are provided for product identification as a courtesy to our readers. If you are a savvy shopper, you might find some the products we list at a lower price at your local retailer. As always: shop small, shop local!

It’s been a long year. We may not even be able to spend as much time with our friends and family this year because… you know—the world is upside down. This year, we are looking forward to sending thoughtful, creative gifts to the people in our lives that have made this year feel as normal as possible. We would also love to share all our thoughts and notes just in case you are stumped looking at your gift list this year.

For the foodie:

Put together a homemade bread dipping oil dried herb mix, seal it in a mini mason jar, tie with a red ribbon and send it along with a baguette. Making a lot? There is usually a bulk spices shelf in the international foods section, so you can save a few dollars. We love using these mini mason jars for giving small quantities of homemade goods.

Photo from Blue Willow Kitchen.
For the gracious hostess or oenophile:

Show your favorite hostess just how much you know them with custom embroidered cocktail napkins from Etsy. We love the chinoiserie ginger jar designs from hydeparkmonogram or TheEmbroideryGirl. The Napoleon (or Gucci-esque?) bee motif from AlbiaEmbroidery makes a for a refined statement. Pineapples are the colonial symbol of hospitality, so these pineapple embroidered cocktail napkins from SouthernLinen would also be a great choice. The embroidered symbols, characters, and motifs are endless — there’s sure to be one to fit any personality.

Cocktail Napkin Linen Linen Cocktail Napkin Personalized image 0
We adore these monogram ginger jar embroidered cocktail napkins from TheEmbroideryGirl on Etsy.
For the green-thumbed gardener:

This is the best tool for weeding in the garden that was ever made. The Heirloom Weeding Finger is available at It’s so simple in design, but I can’t say good enough things about it. It’s almost like a Cape Cod weeder, but it is not sharp and helps you pull the whole root out, rather than cutting it and leave some of the root in the ground accidentally.

Heirloom Weeding Finger
The Heirloom Weeding Finger is available at
For the book lover (or your boss!):

While it’s always a no brainer to get your favorite literary lover a book — get them a little something to help them make their home library feel even more their own with a customizable embosser stamp. Three Designing Women has made one for sale at the Paper Source.

For the newlywed or new homeowner:

This was one of my favorite gifts I got at my bridal shower! I got to make a custom stamp with which to stamp our new return address (with my new married name) on each and every card we sent. It was one of those things that I would never have bought myself but I use it all the time. Three Designing Women has also made a customizable stamp for sale at the Paper Source.

For the college student:

In contrast to embroider cocktail napkins, these monogram ThirstyStone coasters are great for college students. Condensation does not run over and make water stains on wood furniture — let alone get a desk wet and ruin piles of post-it notes.

ThirstyStone monogram coasters. Photo from Amazon listing.
For the Little Ones:

My favorite gift to give little ones for either the holidays or birthdays is a custom name puzzle. I had one growing up and my own name was the first thing I ever learned how to spell because of it. I remember loving each letter of my name because it was my name. Make sure to get one that has big enough letters so as not to be a choking hazard. We love these from BabyPuzzlesStore on Etsy.

1st Birthday Gift Name Puzzle Personalized Personalized Name image 0
Photo from BabyPuzzlesStore

For the man in your life:

I asked the man in my life what he would recommend as a gift for the menfolk of the internet, and he brilliantly mentioned our Nespresso machine. Life in quarantine has made our commutes to work significantly shorter–the distance between the bed and the computer. Therefore our usual stop for a coffee (or in my case, an iced latte) has been derailed, and has made us really appreciate our Nespresso machine. My weekly cost for coffee has gone from $45 to $6/week as well. They can be pricey, Sur La Table is sure to have a nice Black Friday sale on them, but after 5+ years of being Nespresso owners, we say they’re worth the investment. (Also affogatos!)

Photo from Sur La Table.

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